Yoga of Mind

Yoga of Mind By Mohan Ray

Yoga of mind is a mental gym to develop a fearless, focused and a balanced mind. Business, money, success or a happy life whatever you want to achieve, it is possible only with self organizing powers of mind. Life is not fair all the time. We experience stress, anxiety, worry, depression & fears in difficult situations. Yoga of mind helps you develop self organizing powers to perform with self-confidence, integrity & harmony.

Yoga of mind is stress buster and a self empowerment technique. A science of self education yoga of mind can be used as a personal counselor by students on how to concentrate on studies and prepare for exam.
Be it Western Behavior therapies or Eastern Yoga, Meditation techniques like psychotherapy, EFT, NLP, Transcendental meditation, mindfulness meditation and life skills, self improvement or personality development all are rooted in yoga of mind.

We offer yoga classes and guided meditation for anger management, stress management, phobia cure, concentration, and emotional intelligence, peace of mind, fitness and performance. If you know how to use the power of subconscious mind you can enjoy Freedom and happiness in life. Yoga of mind practices helps you to explore, understand, and utilize full capacity of the mind.
Yoga of mind trains you in your food habits about how to lose weight the natural way.
For spiritual seekers and intellectuals wizards with philosophical curiosity about “who am I ? ” we offer advanced practices of Mind where you attain enlightenment and understand the ultimate truth about your real self. Benefit of the practice is freedom from psychological stress.