Transform your life with Yoga of Mind

Yoga of Mind basic course for individuals.

Duration: 10days

Time: 1hour daily

Mode: online or offline

Benefits: complete personality development program including: emotional intelligence, weight loss, fitness, performance, concentration, confidence, communication skills, time management, and public speaking.

Yoga of Mind is your personal training of becoming your own counselor, and your own Guide. You will develop self confidence to improve your habits, affirm your reasons publicly & develop self organizing powers in mind to perform successfully under stress full conditions.

You may be a Student or a Professional: Integrity in personality, Improvement in your fitness and performance are natural benefits of this course.

Names like…

Personality development, Personal Guidance and Counselling, Stress Management or phobia cure, Fitness and Performance, Leadership development, Concentration and Study Skills, Yoga & Meditation for peace of mind, health and happiness, Deep meditation for spiritual awakening or Enlightenment …are the different symbols of our desire to improve our life style.

Seasoned psychotherapists and  enlightened masters always indicate toward our mind as a common cause of conflicts, suffering, failure, relationship problems, laziness, anxiety, depression, fear, emotional weakness, aggression or shyness, lack of concentration & poor performance in life.

Yoga of mind is comprehensive in nature therefore includes all these nomenclature. It makes your process of improvement simple to learn & easy to practice.


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