Mr. Om Pal Singh

“Mohan Ray conducted an open workshop on yoga of mind for nearly 300 Employees from different department in the Cantonment”

Mr. Om Pal Singh CEO Cantonment Board Ferozpur.


“Mohan Ray conducted workshops & seminars for our Cadets, Colonels & Junior commissioned officers on yoga of mind, handwriting & graphology. He is unique in his approach   on helping people improve their performance”.

Brig. Ramakrishnan (Administrator Military college Mhow. Madhyapradesh)

Col. Vinay Vashisht

“Your session on Stress Management was well received and deeply appreciated by all ranks of this unit.”

Col. Vinay Vashisht CEO VI Engineer Regiment, Pathankot.

Brigadier PS Rana

“I want to express my sincere gratitude to Mr. Mohan Ray. He is highly skilled in his profession. He has a deep knowledge of spirituality. Because of his profound knowledge of spirituality his teachings are very effective and meaningful. To bring out a big change in short span is not a small thing and he is doing it effectively”

Brigadier PS Rana

Mr. Surindra  Aggarwal

“Mr. Mohan Ray conducted a workshop on yoga of mind for our Club members. Yoga of mind is definitely a new way to improve our life style. It is simple, practical and addresses the needs of our modern life.”

Mr. Surindra  Aggarwal, President Lions Club Tinsukia Assam

Dr. Latika Sharma

“Mohan Ray’s session on yoga of mind for Ph.D students enhanced knowledge and skills of the participants & It was highly appreciated by the participants”.

Dr. Latika Sharma, Chairperson Dept. of Edu. (Punjab University Chandigarh)

Mr. Ashish Sarkar

“High commendation to Mr. Mohan Ray for meticulously conducting Yoga of Mind workshop in our campus”

Principal Mr. Ashish Sarkar, Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan Nagpur (Hinganghat) Maharashtra.

Deepak Raj

“This yoga of mind by Mohan Ray definitely helps you to change your perspective about essentials in life, like food habits, sleep, pleasure and regulate your daily habits and life in a balanced way. Also, you can control your thoughts and total mind and develop focus in the present moment. I personally have changed so much about my daily habits and I feel more confident and maintain yoga stare 24*7”.

Engineer Deepak Raj UPSC aspirant New Delhi

Mr. Shanif MK

“I joined online live course on yoga of mind. Yoga of mind has come to me as a solution to all my problems.
When I saw transformation in me I realize that it was God’s plan to take me to Mohan Ray Sir. Yes practicing YOM gave me new dimension to life as am able to use my potential purposefully. I have empowered myself through practicing different tools of YOM. And spiritual knowledge  and guidance of Mohan Ray Sir make my practice more meaningful. YOM enlightened me to become a better human being which we all are not able to develop through our formal education system. “

Mr. Shanif MK. UPSC aspirant Kerala

Mr. Pawan

“I joined online live course on yoga of mind. Quite useful Sir Mohan Ray you clearly have a very sound understanding of the personality test process. I shall implement whatever I have learned from you”

Mr. Pawan (Engineer) UPSC aspirant Bangalore