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YOGA OF MIND as the name suggests begins from the point where our contemporary yoga & meditation stops working for us. We bypass hatha-yoga, and pranayama in our approach of yoga and meditation. We advocate subtle yoga with minimal force and activities beyond all religions without contemporary or traditional rituals.  Be it YOGA or MEDITATION, our goal is to help you to DEVELOP ‘RESOURCEFULNESS  OF YOUR MIND’.  We train you in special skills of mind control and self regulation, self organising powers,  mindfulness and anti-entropic qualities of mind. We train you in the science of self, you can use it as a guidance system in your own life and help others as well.  Yoga of mind is a science of the self  and yoga of mind itself is  the knowledge of the self. Yoga of mind meditation process is all about developing self knowledge and mind powers. Once you have self knowledge you are empowered. You don’t need to meditate endlessly like others.   Students or  professionals no one like to waste time in endless meditation rituals in busy life. We in yoga of mind train you to be independent. We train you to be your own master and your own guide. We train you in MEDITATION IN ACTION.

                         Basic Yoga of mind   Yoga and meditation course run for 10 days. 1hr daily

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YOGA OF MIND: the science of self- a 10 days  program for self transformation trains you in self-organising powers to empower your mind to act with confidence and achieve success in life.    It is a science of self education, a philosophy of life that is free from anxiety, depression, fear and stress. A way to be happy in all conditions of life.