Learn to use SELF EDUCATION to DEVELOP INTEGRITY in personality and ENJOY HARMONY in life.

Join workshop on YOGA OF MIND by MOHAN RAY. The Course is available online as well.

“YOGA OF MIND improves concentration & the capacity of your mind. Helps you improve your performance & prepares you for bigger opportunities in life”.




                                                                              Yoga of Mind

                                           FOR  INTEGRITY IN PERSONALITY  AND HARMONY IN LIFE.Website1

YOGA OF MIND is based on self-education which is evolutionary in nature -grounded in a system of total knowledge and resourcefulness of the Mind – a way of self organizing powers that helps people drop the distractions of mind and develop integrity in personality so that they enjoy harmony in life. Yoga of Mind offers practical TOOLS for –Total Fitness, Better Concentration, Maximum Performance and preparing life for BIGGER OPPORTUNITIES.

Course Details

YOGA OF MIND basic course is of two sessions (3hrs each). This course is offered online as well. For more details contact us at Email:-pioneeryogaofmind@gmail.com.



What people say about us

1. “Mohan Ray conducted workshops & seminars for our Cadets, Colonels & Junior commissioned officers on yoga of mind, handwriting & graphology. He is unique in his approach   on helping people improve their performance”.

Brig. Ramakrishnan

Administrator Military college


2. “Mohan Ray conducted YOGA OF MIND sessions on stress management for all officers in our unit. He is a thorough professional and holds comprehensive knowledge on the subject. I am happy that all my officers benefited from YOGA OF MIND by Mohan Ray.”

Col. Vashishth,

Commanding Officer,

Eng. Regiment.


3. “Mohan Ray’s session on yoga of mind for Ph.D students enhanced knowledge and skills of the participants & It was highly appreciated by the participants”.

Dr. Latika Sharma

Punjab University



 4. Mohan Ray is highly skilled Trainer. He holds deep knowledge about his subjects’. His ability to add spirituality into teaching helps him to bring real change in students. I must congratulate him for this.”

 Brigadier Rana

Director Cadet Training College


5. “High commendation to Mr. Mohan Ray for meticulously conducting ‘YOGA OF MIND workshop in our campus. Staff and students were really appreciative about his crisp and clear instruction. I personally feel fascinated about the degree & depth of his knowledge and understanding of the subject”.

Mr.  Ashish Sarkar

Principal Bhartiya Vidya bhavan.

Hinganghat (Maharashtra.) 


6. “Mr. Mohan Ray conducted a workshop on yoga of mind for our Club members. Yoga of mind is definitely a new way to improve our life style. It is simple, practical and addresses the needs of our modern life.”

Mr. Surindra  Aggarwal

President Lions Club

Tinsukia (Assam) 


7. “I joined yoga of mind course with Mohan Ray and realised that this yoga is realy unique as it addresses the real issues of mind & improves the capacity of our mind. I have banefited a lot from this course.”

Mr. H. P. Sharma

Commandent C.R.P.F


8. “My professional life was full of anxiety & stress. After doing yoga of mind coaching I have learnt to manage these problems. Now I love to seek challenges, thank you Sir Mohan Ray for yoga of mind.”

Ms. S.K. Sharma

Inspector, Chandigarh Police


9. “After joining yoga of mind online program. I realise that my life has improved a lot, I can see a huge transformations in my personality.”

D.S. Mittal



10. “I could reduce 20 kg. weight just because of self education by yoga of mind. I have improved my study skills as well.”

Niharika Goyal

IAS Aspirant Delhi


11. Yoga of Mind helped me to be emotionally strong, self organized and more disciplined in my life.

Mr. R.K. Jindal


About Mohan Ray

Who is Mohan Ray?


Pioneer: YOGA OF MIND, based in Chandigarh, Mohan Ray -a grapho-psychotherapist, is Master in education. A former school principal with 29 years of experience in Personality Analysis, Personality Development & Capacity Building, Mohan Ray trains people to improve their performance and prepare themselves for bigger opportunities in life. He has conducted over 1000 workshops on Handwriting, Graphology (Personality Analysis) & Personality Development for Students & Teachers, IAS/IPS/Judiciary aspirants, Indian Army Officers, Doctors and other professionals from different fields. To share his knowledge & to propagate the science of self education he conducts workshops on YOGA OF MIND with a single GOAL -to empower people develop integrity in personality and harmony in life.

‘Success May not be the way to happiness, BUT Happiness is definitely the way to success.’

Mohan Ray


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