Learn to use SELF EDUCATION to DEVELOP INTEGRITY in personality and ENJOY HARMONY in life.

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“YOGA OF MIND is a science of SELF EDUCATION. It educates you about yourself at all levels. It develops the capacity of your mind, INTEGRITY in PERSONALITY and HARMONY in LIFE”.



231People use various means for total fitness. They go to gym, yoga classes & morning walk but intellectuals still feel a sense of incompleteness because mind keeps distracting & disturbing. People forget the fact that everything begins with the mind.Yoga of mind begins from the point where normal yoga stops. The GOAL of Yoga of mind is to stop the distractions of mind. Yoga of mind educates you all about your mind & its mechanism. Yoga of mind builds the capacity your mind.You learn to analyze, control and direct your mind purposefully. Yoga of mind gives you total education about your spiritual & natural world. It gives you self organizing powers & a sense of completeness. You learn to perform with confidence.We all wish to have integrity in personality. Yoga of mind is a scientific tool to develop integrity in your personality. You will learn to perform with integrity and enjoy harmony in life Yoga of mind helps you to improve your performance & prepares you for bigger opportunities in life. Read More Yoga of mind is23 a science of self education.Your formal education educates you about others and the world around. It tries to prepare you for this competitive world but competitive world is full of struggle. Formal education without self education doesn’t guarantee success and happiness.The easiest way to make progress in life is to know and educate yourself about yourself by yourself.
Yoga of mind is a science of self education. It is a system that guides to introduce you to yourself at all levels. It empowers you to understand and accept yourself completely. It improves your self-image and self-esteem.Yoga of mind educates and trains you to develop a guidance system for your self-use. You learn to integrate, organize and balance all faculties of mind so that you can access, strengthen and use your intelligence power.Yoga of mind transforms your mind into –an intelligent, positive and a purposeful mind, so that you can think rationally with clarity and confidence, feel good and be happy & have permanent commitments to complete your assignments or work in time.Yoga of mind is developed with a single goal to help people to develop integrity in personality and harmony in life.

What people say about us

  1. “Mohan Ray conducted workshops & seminars for our Cadets, Colonels & Junior commissioned officers on yoga of mind, handwriting & graphology. He is unique in his approach   on helping people improve their performance”.

Brig. Ramakrishnan

Administrator Military college

Mhow (Madhyapradesh) 


  1. “Mohan Ray’s session on yoga of mind for Ph.D students enhanced knowledge and skills of the participants & It was highly appreciated by the participants”.

Dr. Latika Sharma

Punjab University


  1. “High commendation to Mr. Mohan Ray for meticulously conducting ‘YOGA OF MIND workshop in our campus. Staff and students were really appreciative about his crisp and clear instruction. I personally feel fascinated about the degree & depth of his knowledge and understanding of the subject”.

Mr.  Ashish Sarkar

Principal Bhartiya Vidya bhavan.

Hinganghat (Maharashtra.) 


  1. “Mr. Mohan Ray conducted a workshop on yoga of mind for our Club members. Yoga of mind is definitely a new way to improve our life style. It is simple, practical and addresses the needs of our modern life.”

Mr. Surindra  Aggarwal

President Lions Club

Tinsukia (Assam) 



  1. “I joined yoga of mind course with Mohan Ray and realised that this yoga is realy unique as it addresses the real issues of mind & improves the capacity of our mind. I have banefited a lot from this course.”

Mr. H. P. Sharma

Commandent C.R.P.F


  1. “My professional life was full of anxiety & stress. After doing yoga of mind coaching I have learnt to manage these problems. Now I love to seek challenges, thank you Sir Mohan Ray for yoga of mind.”

Ms. S.K. Sharma

Inspector, Chandigarh Police


  1. “After joining yoga of mind online program. I realise that my life has improved a lot, I can see a huge transformations in my personality.”

D.S. Mittal



  1. “I could reduce 20 kg. weight just because of self education by yoga of mind. I have improved my study skills as well.”

Niharika Goyal

IAS Aspirant Delhi


  1. Yoga of Mind helped me to be emotionally strong, self organized and more disciplined in my life.

Mr. R.K. Jindal



Self Education! WHY???

Self education why?27

“A man who has never gone to school may steal a freight car; but if he has a university education, he may steal the whole railroad.”

― Theodore Roosevelt

  • Watch television or read news paper, you will find one common pattern of daily news.

The pattern is…

  • ministers caught watching porn in the sacred place that’s Vidhan Sabha Assembly.
  • A high court’s full court has recommended the dismissal of judges for allegedly being found with some women during a police raid at a hotel on Republic Day.
  • Celebrated journalist has been arrested on charges of raping a junior colleague.
  • Would-be doctor commits suicide at AIIMS hostel. (Suicide rates are sharply rising in India, particularly among the educated.)
  • An educated girl murdered seven members of her family after they discovered she was in love with a boy from their own clan.)
  • IPS officer involved in bribery case.
  • College principal
  • A senior politician is behind the bar for rape and murder.


  • Above mentioned incidents happened with highly educated people. We believe that incomplete education was reason behind their problems. They all lacked self education. THE BIG QUESTION! IS OUR EDUCATION COMPLETE?


  • We strongly believe that an intellectual will never like to live by the violent, illegal, immoral and corrupt way?
  • What is the guarantee that I and you will never face violent, illegal, immoral and corrupt situations in life?
  • How will you deal with such situations? Who will help us?
  • We strongly believe that yoga of mind –the science of self education is the only way. Yoga of mind -self education empowers us with total knowledge, self organizing powers, sense of completeness and strength to deal with challenges with integrity and self education teaches us how to maintain harmony in life at all fronts.


  • ”Formal education without self education is incomplete education.”

 Mahatma Gandhi


  • “Self-education is, I firmly believe, the only kind of education there is.”

― Isaac Asimov

  •  “Formal education will make you a living self education will make you a fortune”

Jim Ronn


Self Education

Study skills by self education
Yoga of mind is a science of self education. Your formal education educates you about others and the world around. It tries to prepare you for this competitive world but competitive world is full of struggle. Formal education without self education doesn’t guarantee REAL success and happiness. The easiest way to make progress in life is to know and educate yourself about yourself by yourself.


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Self education is based on the philosophy of evolution. Life is a continuous process and evolutionary in Nature. This means whatever we think, feel and do is not the limit. We can definitely learn to develop better choices in life. We can certainly develop a totally positive and possible mind. We can surely enrich our experiences about life. We can definitely improve our performance about anything like: sport or study or profession or at any skill.Curriculum of SELF EDUCATION is designed and structured as INTEGRATIVE EDUCATION which in itself is complete or TOTAL EDUCATION for a human being at any level. Total education is directed to develop integrity in body, mind and spirit. The knowledge of integrity is used to build the stamina of body, power of intelligence and enlightenment of the spirit in an integrated manner so that the integrity of body mind and spirit function as integrity in personality.

We develop INTEGRITY IN PERSONALITY as the HIGHEST VALUE in life. Integrity as the highest value becomes our source of: the biggest power, the highest knowledge and the ultimate happiness in life.

With self education we learn to understand our self at all levels: we become aware about our emotional immaturity (emotional problems), useless and baseless fears, negative and limited thinking, bad habits/addictions etc.

With self education we learn to develop a STRONG CONSCIOUS MIND so that we can maintain emotional balance, face difficult situations, accept our self as we are and IMPROVE OUR SELF IMAGE.