Guidance & Counseling


You are not alone. People on the earth are sailing in the same boat. At times doctors themselves need medication, psychotherapists themselves need therapy  and counselors themselves need counselling. Guidance and counselling is good and healthy if you really want to move ahead in life.

Feeling low in spirit, thinking being stuck in life, compulsion to repeat unwanted habits,  general dissatisfaction with life, being haunted by the past,  going through depression, anxiety and stress is common in human life. Also at times, it becomes difficult to handle certain relations in our life.

Many a time we fail to resolve certain issues in our life because solving things for oneself is likely to be the part of the problem. Also at certain moments we don’t feel capable to solving our problems, we feel the real need of getting someone’s help…and the need is rational and genuine. We must ACT in time, use the medium of guidance and counselling to clear the clutter of our psyche, throw away the psychological burden  and move ahead in life.

Our approach of guidance and counselling is based on the philosophy of “EACH HUMAN BEING  IS A RESERVOIR  OF  UNLIMITED  AND  UN-UTILIZED  POTENTIAL. Our basic principle is: LIFE CAN  BE  RE-DESIGNED. We work  with universally appreciated strong belief that GOD MADE YOU IN HIS OWN IMAGE: whole,  good and well motivated at the core of your being and our Guidance and counselling  job is to bring out the best in you. I re-emphasize: YOU are not alone. come on Talk to us because TALKING CURES.

We offer individualized: face-to-face & online sessions.   Enrol now: SMS: 9815017977 /Email:

YOGA OF MIND: the science of self- a 10 days  program for self transformation trains you in self-organising powers to empower your mind to act with confidence and achieve success in life.    It is a science of self education, a philosophy of life that is free from anxiety, depression, fear and stress. A way to be happy in all conditions of life.